Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Rambles

Have you noticed everyone is blogging? Its not so underground anymore which I suppose is a good thing but it also kinda sucks. People start a blog and they're instantly famous. And here I am just kinda like "oh I should write online today..." but I don't and I regret it and I watch these people who are starting to be *gasp* younger than me and are freaking famous via the interwebs. All I have to do is come here and write. Its not that hard*... durr Stacey.

*Blogging is actually very hard.

But I've comed to conclusion I will not be as famous as the lovely ladies I follow and want to emulate. And thats ok. Why? Because this weekend. This weekend during Country Fest at Gillette Stadium. I had one of those moments where I'm looking around at all my wonderful friends and I realize I'm living in one of the best moments of my life. And I'll be damned if I didn't start formulating a blog post in my head. It couldn've been the budlight but I had an amazing post written in my head full of great memories to share and pictures to add! But while I was creating this post, budlight in hand, I realized I wasn't hanging out with my friends anymore, I was just standing with an expression on my face that I'm pretty sure looked similar to if I had stroked out... wtf? So I chugged my beer and joined my friends and I continued to have one of the best nights of my life.

So I guess what I'm getting at is; while I'll probably never have the blog I originally intended, at least I have something and some place to write. And as long as I live in the moment and when that moment is done... maybe then I'll write about it. But for now, I'm enjoying what I have going on around me.

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