Thursday, January 10, 2013

Work life.

Some days I think to myself, Stacey you really have your life put together. Just look at you sitting at your work desk, all classy like. Hell you have tall boots on, you're legs are crossed oh-so lady like by your ankles. Is that a nice cardigan and cute scarf, I see? Oh man check out your hair!! You are having a good hair day. And you're glasses! You look so sophisticated. And don't get me started on your work desk... It looks so clean and organized. You have only the documents you are currently working on placed right next to your keyboard, along with a cup of *gasp!?* black coffee! Your productivity is through the roof! Damn, you look like a professional.

Then there are the days I feel like a toddler, swinging my legs at a gigantic computer desk, wrinkled paper and highlighters everywhere, coffee cup rings staining my desk and barely grasping the motor skills necessary to move the mouse around the screen....

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