Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Maybe the Mayans were right?

Holy crap you guys... At 7:14 pm tonight we had an earthquake in southern Maine!!! What!?! Ya I know!

I was just minding my own business, cleaning up around my condo and I felt this god awful rumble. My first thought was that my furnace was, for sure, about to blow, or that the something was happening with my stove (because lord watch out for those rising cranberry breads (yes I know how lame that sounds, who makes cranberry bread these days? Ya I do)). And what does Stacey do if I think something in my condo is going to explode?? I run outside. Kinda safe... kinda doesn't matter if something is about to go ka-boom...

The funny thing was that I wasn't the only one outside. Everyone in my quaint condo community were also outside, some were even in their pjs (which would include me), madly looking around like they were searching for something in the sky (hint, it wasn't Superman). And of course, afraid to leave our front stoops, we just conversed loudly across to each other until finally someone guessed it must've been an earthquake. At first we were all like "No way" then someone yelled "TURN ON THE NEWS!" so naturally *all* of us ran back into our respective condos, just to confirm that, yes in fact, it was reported a 4.5-mag earthquake had just hit!

I'm super bummed though... all the New England news sites are reporting the quake but not god damn MSN! I would've thought that was big news doin's considering it happened in freakin' Maine!! Hell, they post about lower mag earthquakes in CA and that's like an everyday thing there!

Anywho... although it scared the crap out of me, all is fine. I suppose that means I should get back to cleaning instead of watching my facebook newsfeed blow the eff up!! Damn...

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