Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Work life.

Some days I think to myself, Stacey you really have your life put together. Just look at you sitting at your work desk, all classy like. Hell you have tall boots on, you're legs are crossed oh-so lady like by your ankles. Is that a nice cardigan and cute scarf, I see? Oh man check out your hair!! You are having a good hair day. And you're glasses! You look so sophisticated. And don't get me started on your work desk... It looks so clean and organized. You have only the documents you are currently working on placed right next to your keyboard, along with a cup of *gasp!?* black coffee! Your productivity is through the roof! Damn, you look like a professional.

Then there are the days I feel like a toddler, swinging my legs at a gigantic computer desk, wrinkled paper and highlighters everywhere, coffee cup rings staining my desk and barely grasping the motor skills necessary to move the mouse around the screen....

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! 2014

Toby thought it was a chew toy. 
I thought it was hilarious.
Rita just simply judged us from the corner...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

No Honey Boo Boo. A dollar does not make me holla'!

If I could, I would go back in time and kick the 2012 version of myself in the head.

Why I ever wasted so much of my life watching Here Comes Honey Boo Boo I'll never know. It was a horrible, horrible idea.

Because now, two years later, the saying "A dolla' makes me holla'! Honey Boo Boo child!" randomly gets stuck in my head. Similar to how that one annoying song you don't like and have actively avoided listening to still winds up on your mind, this quote has latched on to my brain and refuses to go away.

At my desk:
Brain- You look like you are deep in thought. Are you? Oh, you are? Ok, well... A dolla makes me holla!

In the shower:
Brain- I have a great idea for a new app that will make you lots of money! SIKE! A dolla makes me holla!

Trying to fall asleep:
Brain- Pssssst! Hey! Are you sleeping? No? Guess what?! A dolla makes me holla!

Pondering life's mysteries:
Brain- Everything happens for a reason. Aaaaaaaand a dolla makes me holla!

Driving to work:
Brain- Wow you could accomplish so much today if you put your mind to it! Oh but by the way... A dolla makes me holla!

Important conversation:
Brain- Think. Listen. Think. Listen. A dolla makes me holla! Honey Boo-Boo Child!! Listen?
Face- Anger
Other person- You ok?

If I had a dollar for everytime that stupid quote popped up in my head, well.. I'd have a lot dollars... Maybe then I'd holla!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Toby... aka Sir Chews-A-Lot.

Last week I opened my mailbox to find two packages. I immediately thought they were the shoes I had ordered because it made perfect sense that a pair of size nine boots would not only come in two separate packages but fit in the mailbox… *cue blonde moment*. But as I looked closely at the package, I saw they were from Doggy Loot and they were addressed to the one and only Toby!

Have you guys heard of Doggy Loot? They are the largest website for dog product discovery. Their mission “is to spoil your dog by making it easy for you to discover new dog chews, toys, treats and more at discounted prices.”

A couple weeks ago I had asked Doggy Loot if they had any toys they thought were indestructible and would like to put to the test. They sent Toby a black bear (which I thought was cute since we live in Maine!) as well as 10 low-order bully sticks. 

The black bear is made by Tuffy and is part of their Zoo Series Bear - Beaufort. 

Its tag says “Extreme durability” and “Built to last” but it also gives a disclaimer that “There is no such thing as indestructible!” 

Well… I’ll get that in a second…

As I mentioned here, Toby is very skilled at destroying any and all things. This pup is even pretty creative… One afternoon, I was playing with Toby and he was getting a little too mouthy so I had sprayed a shot of the Bitter Apple Spray into his little mouth. He immediately ran away from me. I assumed he was hiding from me, but what I didn’t know what that he was off getting revenge. In the matter of 5 minutes he destroyed the zipper on my favorite fleece vest. A vest, mind you, that was hanging up between other coats and scarves that were much more accessible to him… I truly believe it that he went specifically for the vest because I had been wearing it that day… If it hadn’t been my favorite and only vest, I would’ve been impressed but… Ok who am I kidding, I was impressed… the zipper was straight!

Can  you see it? 

Here... I'll help you...

He even went on to one up himself by going after the trim board of our stairs. In the early days of having Toby, we didn’t like the idea of crating him all day while we were at work so we used two baby gates to pen him in a little bit bigger of an area. Well that last about a week. We came home one day to find he had not only jumped one of the gates, but he had decided to go down to the basement to snack on the laces on our winter boots. The next day, we thought we’d outsmart him and slightly raise the gates. When we got home, he was still penned up and all look normal. But about an hour later as I went to go upstairs I noticed wood shavings on the floor… and then I saw the stair… Toby ate the trim board of the stair! 

Again, annoyed but still impressed. (Although I think Toby is the annoyed one now since he has to be crated during the day.)

But his destroying skills don’t stop there… We are constantly replenishing his toy supply. Toby has a way of finding the weakest part of the toying and zeroing in until either the squeaker is out or the fluff has been removed, because that’s usually when we intervene and take the toy away from him. And it’s not like we’re buying him flimsy toys… We’re constantly looking online for toys deemed “indestructible” and sometimes even go as far as to play tug of war with each other in the store. We figured if two adults can’t break the toy, surely it must be good! WRONG!

And unfortunately, that is the case with the Tuffy Black Bear Doggy Loot sent us…. I had extremely high hopes for this black bear! First glance, it looked far superior to any of the toys we had previously bought Toby. The seams looked very well constructed and the material felt strong! The eyes were even sewn and not plastic like most toys. And unlike most toys, it was very full of stuffing, which I thought would be a strong suite for the this black bear. 

Its tag also said it had a squeaker… but the toy was so stuffed I never found it… that is, *spoiler alert* until Toby had taken all the stuffing out and low and behold a squeaker came out too….

The first day I gave Toby the toy, he was beyond excited. I swear he played with this toy differently than any other toy we had given him. In fact, we would catch him prancing around the house with the toy in his mouth, occasionally shaking his head like crazy, as dog owners know, to make sure it was dead…. 

Sorry for the blur.
I couldn't help myself with adding this photo...
By day two though, I noticed one of the ears was ripped apart… then later that night the stitching on one of the back paws was coming loose. 

Four days later, the toy was pretty beat up and that night I found Toby lying on top of it pulling the stuffing through the toy’s paw. 

We tried to take all the stuffing out in that area and gave it back to him, but he just continued to make the hole bigger and more accessible to the rest of the fluff. 

It was then we mournfully deemed it dead and laid it to rest on our kitchen counter… Toby followed the procession with much anticipation (and jumping), but I think he knows by now what happens once a toy reaches the kitchen counter… 

It eventually gets buried in the trashcan*….

Toby - 1, Tuffy Black Bear - 0.

So with that said, if your furry family member is the type of dog who focuses on finding the weakest part of a toy and destroying it from there, this toy, unfortunately, will not hold up to the test.

But there is some good news. The bully sticks Doggy Loot also sent us have been lovingly chewed. While they do have some odor, it’s not overwhelming. I looked online and found out they are low in fat and high in protein as well as 100% natural and digestible, all of which is really important to us. With Toby’s destroying skills, we love to give him treats that can keep him occupied while not causing him any harm. 

Toby ate about half the bully stick within a half hour. We took it away from him and he finished the other half the next night. Toby is known to demolish treats so we have to watch him closely with things like bully bones and rawhides. We think its the beagle in him... he just doesn't know when to stop!

The three of us are really thankful for the gift from Doggy Loot and because of their great prices we plan on ordering more from their site. Speaking of their website, it is updated every day with at least 4 new doggy products that range from toys, apparel to chews. And when you sign up they will email you the new daily deals every day! I definitely recommend this site to any dog owners who are looking for a fun variety of gifts (at a great price!) that even get delivered right to the door for their furry family member.

To stay more up to date on deals, follow Doggy Loot on Facebook and Twitter @doggyloot
And, hey, while you're at it, go ahead and follow me @thatchickgirl!

Thanks again Doggy loot!

*We haven’t had the heart throw the Tuffy Black Bear away yet… I might try to revive it with some amateur sewing skills… We’ll see!